When I use iPhone Call (Yosemite Continuity), some other app is opened instead of FaceTime. Why?

iPhone Call is using FaceTime app to achieve the Yosemite continuity. The URL scheme tel: is used by iPhone Call to communicate with FaceTime app. If this issue happens, it means the other app is taking over your FaceTime app as the default handler for the URL scheme tel:. You can change it back using following steps:

  1. download and install RCDefaultApps
  2. open Default Apps in System Preferences
  3. select URLs tab, tel and FaceTime in turn as shown below:


I can see my call components are presented in Alfred Preferences, but why cannot I use them in Uni Call?

All your Uni Call preferences, including call components enabled status, are kept in ~/Library/Application\ Support/Alfred\ 2/Workflow\ Data/net.guiguan.Uni-Call/config.plist. When you have upgraded or reinstalled Uni Call, you may need to invoke:

call --updatealfredpreferences yes

to synchronise Uni Call’s preferences with Alfred’s. Then, wait for several seconds, and retype your queries, which should be okay by then.

I have enabled/disabled a call component, why cannot/can I still use it in Uni Call?

When you flip a call component’s enabled status, there is delay between Uni Call and Alfred’s preferences becoming perfectly synchronised. So wait for several seconds, and retype your queries.

Why the results for my first few queries come out so slow?

If you are still using traditional mechanical hard-drive on your Mac, this is unfortunately unavoidable. Because the OSX Address Book API needs hard-drive access on start. If you are using SSD but still experience the same issue, please contact me :P

Why does my contact birthday alerts get fired when I try to use Apple Contact utilities that come with Uni Call?

This can happen if you have set the birthday field of a contact in your Apple Contact and have turned on birthday alert (Calendar > Preferences... > Alerts > Birthdays) and at the same time that contact is on birthday today. The OSX Address Book API that Uni Call uses will trigger such birthday alerts when saving changes made to contacts. Unfortunately, this cannot be avoided.