Uni Call v4.0 to v5.31

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Skype-Call.alfredextension 1.0 for Alfred v1

Skype Call


  1. Make sure the Alfred v1 with Powerpack is installed
  2. Download the latest extension: Skype-Call.alfredextension 1.0
  3. Double click on the downloaded extension file to install
  4. Select Skype-Call from drop-down menu in “Alfred Preferences > Features > Address Book > General > Phone” as shown in the following figure.

Integrate Skype-Call with Alfred's Address Book Feature


type “call PHONE_NUMBER”

call +61 4 3333 3333
call 043333333

type “call SKYPE_USERNAME”

call echo123

search for a contact, select a phone number or a Skype username and hit return

Search for A Contact
Select A Phone Number


If nothing happens

This is a known issue for Skype-Call.alfredextension 1.0 if you are using a non-english Skype (depends on your Mac OS X language). However, this should have already been fixed in Skype-Call.alfredworkflow 2.0. If by any change, you still encounter a similar problem, please remove the AppleScript entry from the “Skype main menu > Skype > Manage API Clients…” dialog (as shown in the following figure), and restart your Skype.

Manage API Clients